Volunteer Opportunities

You are not required to complete the work, yet you are not allowed to desist from it.
– Pirkei Avot, 2:21

Contact volunteer@tbaparsippany.org to volunteer

Here are some great reasons to volunteer!
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Help others
bullet blue Meet new people
Make a difference
Explore new areas of interest
Find purpose
Meet good people
Enjoy a meaningful conversation
Impress your mom
Connect with your community
Impress yourself
Feel involved
Expand your horizons
Contribute to a cause that you care about
Get out of the house
Use your skills in a productive way
Make new friends
Develop new skills
Strengthen your resume
Feel better about yourself    

Volunteer Opportunities    

Around the School

  • Become a class parent
  • Organize grade level luncheons/dinners
  • Help with school fundraisers
  • Assist with countless tasks
  • Sit in the office during school hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and/or Sundays to answer phones and greet people
  • Help with a holiday celebration in the school

 Around the Temple

  • Join a committee or offer to help with one program.
  • Organize holiday Shabbat dinners
  • Help set up/clean up/serve at the dinners
  • Sit in the office during bar/bat mitzvahs to answer phones and greet people
  • Lend a hand with the gift shop
  • Help out at the Purim carnival, Purim Schpiel
  • Assist Men’s Club with setup and teardown Sukkah
  • Help Sisterhood assemble Mishloach Minot Baskets
  • Aid Sisterhood with any of their activities they provide for the school or other fundraisers
  • Usher at a Shabbat service
  • Stuff envelopes for mailings and other office functions
  • Chair or assist with a fundraiser
  • Make phone calls for an event as needed
  • Lend a hand to Sisterhood with their Tashlich luncheon
  • Organize/catalog the library
  • Join the choir or band