Friendship Club

Ellen Dash and Richie Cantor, Co-Presidents


The Friendship Club was established in June 2010, and presently has more than 110 members.  We are an active social, involved group of 50 and older individuals who look forward to monthly events and the camaraderie that is created.  Annual dues are $18 for TBA members and $25 for non-members.  During 2014-2015, the Friendship Club visited Lakota Wolf Sanctuary, learned how to make ice cream, hosted a White Elephant Sale, attended a Jackels baseball game and hosted a Souper Sunday and Antiques event just to name a few programs.

The Friendship Club new year begins in August with some very special events planned.  Our programming committee has begun planning events for the upcoming year to include a visit to Duke Gardens or Greenwood Gardens, motivational speaker, a coffee tasting, wine tasting events and a celebration of TBA’s 50 years with a storytelling focus. 

Any suggestions or ideas for the Friendship Club will be welcome.

We look forward to meeting and greeting new members and renewing friendships.




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