Let’s Make Our Voices Heard in Israel

It’s time to vote in the World Zionist Congress Election

As American Jews how can we vote in an election that will influence the direction of the State of Israel?

You can vote in the upcoming World Zionist Congress (WTC) election!*

I encourage you to consider voting in the election because the WTC is the Parliament of the Jewish people and this body helps guide budgetary and policy priorities of the Jewish Agency for Israel.  In the last WZC election ARZA (American Reform Zionists of America) won 40% of the US representation in the WZC.  As the largest US delegation, ARZA has helped bring over $20 million dollars of funding to Progressive Reform Israeli groups in the past 5 years; it has attained government-provided building for Reform communities; it has been instrumental in passing resolutions supporting civil unions, egalitarianism at the Kotel and anti-racism laws.

There is a small fee that is charged each voter in order to run this election ($10 for those 30 and older and $5 for those under 30).  During the month of January I will have voting pledge cards available for those interested in voting.  You can also learn more about the elections at www.arza.org

I am also looking for a cadre of volunteers who would like to assist me in registering voters for the election; if you are interested please contact me at rabbi@tbaparsippany.org or 973.887.0046.

There will be much more to follow…please look to this blog and Temple communications for more information!

*Any American Jew over the age of 18 who is not voting in the upcoming Israeli election can vote in the World Zionist Congress election that begins on January 15, 2015 and ends on April 30, 2015.