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Our School Community: Making a Difference with Tzedekah

Written by Lynn Cutler on Sunday, 01 November 2015.

Tzedekah Fair Highlights Local Organizations

Our School Community: Making a Difference with Tzedekah

Representatives from local charitable organizations visited our Religious School this fall. After they made presentations about what they are doing in the community, students were given the opportunity to choose how to give their 'tzedekah dollars'.  While the money they put into the bowl for each organization was symbolic on Sunday, at the end of the year those symbolic dollars will be donated to each of these organizations. How much each gets will be decided by how much our students gave to each organization.  

Tzedekah donations brought in this year will benefit Israeli Guide Dogs for the Blind, Relay for Life (American Cancer Society), Special Needs Athletic Program, and the Homeless Bus.


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