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Joseph Gotthelf Memorial Lecture: Allan Chernoff discusses "The Tailors of Tomaszow"

Written by Jeffrey Kreitman on Wednesday, 08 April 2015.

Joseph Gotthelf Memorial Lecture: Allan Chernoff discusses

Join us on Friday, April 17th at 7:30 p.m. as we observe Yom Hashoah to memorialize the Holocaust. Our annual Joseph Gotthelf Memorial Lecture will feature Allan Chernoff as our guest lecturer to discuss his book, "TheTailors of Tomaszow."  Chernoff is a veteran of national network news serving as a Senior Correspondent for CNN and reporting for CNBC and NBC.

Please click on link to an article "Time is running out to hear their stories"  to learn more about the Joseph Gotthelf Memorial Lecture and Allan Chernoff written by Lisa Kintish of ParsippanyLife (northjersey.com/parsippany).  



Birthright Trips to Israel! Register now!

Written by Patsy Kreitman on Wednesday, 25 March 2015.

Birthright Trips to Israel! Register now!

Registration for summer 2015 Birthright trips to Israel is open now.  

Birthright Israel provides a gift of a peer group, educational trip to Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18 to 26 from around the world. This is a great opportunity for young Jewish people to come to Israel, see it, experience it, talk about it, and think about what Israel means for them and the Jewish people.

Click here to get started.

Remembering Morah Kathy

on Saturday, 07 February 2015.

Religious School Blog

Morah Kathy with Confirmands and a special loaf of challah.

Our TBA community recently lost Kathy Decker, an active congregant known to many for her various roles around the Temple. In our Religious School, it would be difficult to find a child who has not tasted her challah at least once, at a service or event here at TBA. But Kathy was also Morah Kathy - a teacher currently leading an adult Hebrew Reading Crash Course, who came in to run special events such as Israel Spa Day or Challah baking classes from time to time, and who had taught younger students as a regular teacher in our Religious School for a number of years as well.

While most of our current Religious School students are just a little too young to remember Morah Kathy as a regular classroom teacher, many of our madrichim(teen aides) fondly remember her from the classroom. 

Erica I. (Mercaz) remembers Morah Kathy as her favorite Hebrew School teacher. "She's the reason I liked coming to Hebrew School" in second and third grade, Erica recalls.  "Morah Kathy got everything, she would make everything fun." Erica remembers purchasing a Hebrew to English dictionary because Morah Kathy recommended it, and notes that their relationship did not end after their time together in the classroom. Erica still ran up and hugged her every time she saw her at Temple, which was often.  "She was just such a nice person, "Erica says. "You could pick her voice out of the choir and it just made everyone so happy."

Steven T. (Mercaz), who had Kathy as a morah three different years, also cherished their relationship long after she was his classroom teacher. She would email him photos of special challah that she thought he would enjoy, including one of a colorful American flag.

Andrea J. (Aleph) recalls: "I knew her as Morah Kathy. A great teacher, role model, and overall great woman. Maybe it's because I always saw her smiling. Someone so happy and always helping, I loved being around her. My fondest memories of her consist of the extravagant "Israel Day" activities she put together. Every room in the Temple was filled with beautiful products and stations based on and from Israel. On my bat mitzvah, I was a nervous wreck. She came and pulled me aside and showed me something. She told me, "I wanted to do something special for you," and she lifted, yes, a challah cover. She had made a Giant "A" with chocolate chips and glaze, just the way she knew I loved. The way she lived and decided to see the world was extraordinary. Always positive, lively and most importantly, she had a beautiful open heart, full of love for everyone she cared for. I'm glad because I knew her and grateful for an inspiration like her to be around."

We are all feeling the loss of Morah Kathy in some way, but we were blessed to her in our lives, and she leaves a loving legacy of service and caring in our school and our greater community. Morah Kathy, you are missed.

Relay For Life of Greater Morristown

Written by Ellen Mancini on Monday, 02 February 2015.

Join the Relay on June 6th


The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is an emotionally moving celebration of life and cancer survivorship; It’s the signature activity of the American Cancer Society and celebrates cancer survivors and caregivers, remembers loved ones lost to this disease, and empowers individuals and communities to fight back against cancer.


It is a unique team event designed to raise awareness about cancer and raise funds to support the American Cancer Society’s mission of fighting cancer, raising awareness of cancer prevention, and eliminating cancer. The money raised at Relay For Life saves lives and creates a world with less cancer and more birthdays through funding fighting cutting-edge cancer research, early detection and prevention education, advocacy efforts, and life-affirming patient services, thus people staying well, helping people to get well, and finding cures for cancer by fighting back.


To put this closer to home, One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer within their lifetime and in Morris County an estimated 212 individuals are diagnosed with cancer each month, and 68 individuals will not survive each month


If you are ready to make a difference and get involved, please join the Temple Beth Am Team for Relay For Life of Greater Morristown. Go to Relay For Life Website


Register and donate what ever you can. If you raise at least $100, you will receive a tee shirt.


If you have any questions please contact Ellen Mancini at 908 295-3572.


Taste Of Italy 2015

Written by Patsy Kreitman on Sunday, 01 February 2015.

A memorable fundraising night for Temple Beth Am

On January 28, 2015, Temple Beth Am hosted an evening at the Hanover Manor filled with Italian food and over 100 tricky tray baskets for our major fundraiser of the year.   With the auctioneering skills of our very own Jeff Morrison, our live auction was very successful!  The 50/50 and tricky tray basket ticket sales were very successful due to the hard work of our volunteer committee that has been busy requesting donations from many businesses in the area. 

With many from the TBA community in attendance along with the local community and Parsippany’s Councilman Michael dePierro, the event brought so many people together to help raise money to help support Temple Beth Am. 

Marci Gorman, Laura Quinn and Patsy Kreitman, co-chairs of the Taste of Italy Tricky Tray, would like to thank each and every volunteer and supporter of this event.  Without their time and commitment to our temple we could not have had such a successful event!

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Let's Make Our Voices Heard in Israel

Written by Rabbi Steven Mills on Sunday, 21 December 2014.

It's time to vote in the World Zionist Congress Election

Let's Make Our Voices Heard in Israel

As American Jews how can we vote in an election that will influence the direction of the State of Israel?

You can vote in the upcoming World Zionist Congress (WTC) election!*

I encourage you to consider voting in the election because the WTC is the Parliament of the Jewish people and this body helps guide budgetary and policy priorities of the Jewish Agency for Israel.  In the last WZC election ARZA (American Reform Zionists of America) won 40% of the US representation in the WZC.  As the largest US delegation, ARZA has helped bring over $20 million dollars of funding to Progressive Reform Israeli groups in the past 5 years; it has attained government-provided building for Reform communities; it has been instrumental in passing resolutions supporting civil unions, egalitarianism at the Kotel and anti-racism laws.

There is a small fee that is charged each voter in order to run this election ($10 for those 30 and older and $5 for those under 30).  During the month of January I will have voting pledge cards available for those interested in voting.  You can also learn more about the elections at www.arza.org

I am also looking for a cadre of volunteers who would like to assist me in registering voters for the election; if you are interested please contact me at rabbi@tbaparsippany.org or 973.887.0046.

There will be much more to follow…please look to this blog and Temple communications for more information!

*Any American Jew over the age of 18 who is not voting in the upcoming Israeli election can vote in the World Zionist Congress election that begins on January 15, 2015 and ends on April 30, 2015.

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